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Troubleshooting & Repair

Problems are diagnosed and solutions are recommended. We explain in non-technical terms what needs to be done. All changes are first approved leaving you with complete confidence.


Device security is considered one of our top priorities. We offer security methods that help make you and your family safer from online threats. We also educate on positive habits to fortify your online experience.

Online Remote Support

We securely connect to your device to help with pop-ups, error messages, training, data recovery, diagnose issues and more. We do this around a schedule you can set yourself with Sqaure's appointment system for free.

Device Care

Our technology experts can put together a customized package of computer services that make sure your home devices are always secure, data is safe and systems running smoothly.

Malware & Virus Removal

Malware and Viruses have the potential to ruin your devices. We can remove them for you are part of the package.

MAC & PC Optimization

If your computer takes too long to start up, we'll discover the root cause and fix it on the spot.

Device Troubleshooting

We have a vast library of software and techniques in solving most device problems.

Network Troubleshooting

We can help with printers, wireless routers, connection issues and other network problems.

Advertisement Blocking

In todays internet space, ads can get out of hand. We can block most ads from showing up while you browse the web.

Data Recovery

Deleted important documents or missing family photos? Data recovery can sometimes be possible.

System Check-Up

A system check-up is the recommended starting point for most computer devices. An online remote support agent will look over the health of your device to prevent costly situations later on.

Calculated Solutions

In the world of technology, complications sometimes happen. We always start at the ground level and exhaustively check your system in order to catch the problem.

Professional Service

We are committed to providing services that meet our customers and clients needs. We are confident that we have what it takes to service your device and protect you from online threats.